treatment treat‧ment [ˈtriːtmənt] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] a particular way of dealing with someone or something:

• The range of permissible accounting treatments is amazingly broad.

• The investigation found that some contractors received preferential treatment (= were given an unfair advantage ) .

2. [uncountable] a process by which something is protected, cleaned, or made safe:

• an organic waste treatment plant

* * *

treatment UK US /ˈtriːtmənt/ noun
[U] a way of behaving towards someone or something: equal/fair treatment for sb/sth »

The court order required equal treatment for female police department employees.

preferential/special treatment for sb/sth »

The tax reform will end three decades of preferential treatment for foreign companies.

treatment of sb/sth »

Their ethical range of meat products ensures the humane treatment of their farm animals.

[C or U] a way of dealing with something: »

Investors are refusing to sell in the face of punitive tax treatment.


Changes in the treatment of capital gains are discussed in the report.

[C or U] PRODUCTION a process by which something is protected from damage or decay, cleaned, or made safe: a treatment facility/plant/system »

The city's sewage treatment plant has been overwhelmed by recent rains.


Treatment of agricultural runoff is largely voluntary.

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